Season Ticket Prices 2017

Front Entrance Price Online Discount Price
Adult £37.50 £37.00 – BUY NOW
Child £37.50 £37.00 – BUY NOW
Senior Citizen £35.50 £35.00 – BUY NOW
Under 2’s £0.00 £0.00 – BUY NOW
Family Tickets Front Entrance Price Online Discount Price
Family of 2
Online Only £73.50 – BUY NOW
Family of 3
£107.50 £107.00 – BUY NOW
Family of 4
£137.50 £137.00 – BUY NOW
Family of 5
£167.50 £167.00 – BUY NOW
Family of 6  £197.50 £197.00 – BUY NOW

Ticketing information: with our family tickets –  you can use any combination of adults and children. Children under 2 are FREE – if your child is 2 years old they will be charged a child ticket price. Adult prices start at age 16+.

Season tickets are valid for unlimited visits during all 4 2017 events. Easter lambing, May Half Term, Summer Maize Maze (Plus all weekends in September), & October Pumpkin Carving

Each Season ticket is Named with either the adult or child. You must give your drivers licence number as ID and you will be asked for this on entry.

We do allow shared season passes for parents and adult family members to help with child care. This will allow one extra named adult admission in the absence of one of the first named adults. The additional adult(2nd named adults) will have to provide ID and can’t be changed. 2nd named adults are only issued to group family season passes and not on individual season tickets. Full name and ID details must be given on day of purchase and cannot be added at a later day. Only one extra shared ticket can be issued per pass, ie if there is two first named adults there can only be one additional one added.

Carers go free with disabled full admission.

All activities are included in the entry.

Pumpkins for Season ticket holders: Each Child season ticket holder will receive a FREE pumpkin on entry to the Pumpkin Carving event. This will be limited to 1 FREE pumpkin. However if you would like to do pumpkin carving on multiple occasions then you can purchase additional pumpkins.
Terms and conditions apply. Details on entry.


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